Scripture Reading:  John 14:1-7

“In My Father’s house are many rooms.  If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?”  (John 14:2)

Jesus is reminding us of our eternal destiny.  We will spend all eternity with our heavenly Father in His glorious house, the new heavens and new earth.  The idea of “many rooms” picks up the imagery of heaven being the “Father’s house.”  In it are many dwelling places which are reserved for God’s redeemed children.  In other passages, we are told that we have “eternal dwelling places” (Luke 16:9, I Corinthians 2:9) awaiting us.  When we die, we will immediately be taken into the presence of God and we have eternal dwelling places waiting for us.  The major point is that we will live throughout all eternity in the presence of the living God.  He has a place for us with Him.

I want to emphasize Jesus’  words, “I go to prepare a place for you.”  I believe Jesus is talking about the preparation He will do for us through His suffering, death and resurrection.  In order to ensure that we have a place in the Father’s house, He had to accomplish salvation for us.  He was facing the agony of the cross where He would take all our sins upon Himself and pay the price we rightly owe God.  He would have to become a curse for us, by bearing the punishment we deserve for our sins.  His substitutionary death would make atonement for our sins, for He would suffer the wrath of God in order to satisfy the justice of God.  We could not go to our eternal dwelling places until salvation was accomplished for us.

On the next day after the upper room experience, Jesus was be crucified.  He suffered and died in our place.  Then on the third day He was resurrected.  Our salvation was then accomplished and our eternal destiny was secured.  Jesus prepared a place for us and now we can know that our eternal dwelling places are ready for us to occupy.

Lord Jesus, You secured my salvation.  You prepared a place for me to spend eternity.  I know that I am destined for glory and nothing can stop that from happening.  I know that when I die, I have a place in the Father’s house to dwell forever.


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