Scripture Reading:  John 17:24-26

“I made known to them Your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which You have loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”  (John 17:26)

Our Lord Jesus closes His high priestly prayer with a petition about love:  “that the love with which You have loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”  Jesus prayed that we would experience the very same love that the Father has for Him.  He wants us to know that love and actually feel it deep down in our being.  For some this is hard because they find it difficult to believe that the heavenly Father loves them this much.  Some have never experienced deep love from their earthly fathers and this affects how they view the love of their heavenly Father.

We must remember that we are more loved than we ever hoped or dreamed we could be.  When we feel unloved by others, we have the Father’s love directed toward us and in us. The Father loves us with the same love with which He loves His Son!  Jesus prayed that the Father’s love would be IN us.  He wants us to know it and to experience it.  He desires for us to know that we are loved with the unconditional and unending love of our heavenly Father.

The fact is that all true believers have the Father’s love IN them.  This means we can love others with the Father’s love.  We can even love those who are hard to love, those who have hurt us, and those who have offended us.  We can draw from the Father’s love in us and love others with it.  Most of us have experienced times when we do not feel loved, when we have been hurt by those we love.  Our fleshly response is to stop loving them.  But we have the Father’s love in us.  We can love them with His love, even when we do not feel love toward them.

Jesus’ prayer for us is both powerful and intimate.  He is interceding for us right now.  He is praying that we know and experience the Father’s love.  Let us rest in the fact that we are loved more deeply than we could ever hoped we could be, for the Father’s love is in us.

Heavenly Father, I cannot comprehend how much You love me.  Jesus prayed that You would love me with the same love that You have for Him and that Your love would be in me.  May I know and experience Your love this day and may I draw off Your love as I seek to love others, especially those who are hard to love.


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