Scripture Reading:  John 21:1-14

“Simon Peter said to them, ‘I am going fishing.’  They said to him, ‘We will go with you.’  They went out and got into the boat, but that night they caught nothing.”  (John 21:3)

Our lives are often filled with the mundane.  But on certain occasions, we have “mountain top” experiences with the Lord.  Jesus had appeared to the disciples twice since His resurrection.  On both occasions, the disciples were behind locked doors because they were afraid and confused.  Jesus broke into their lives and they experienced incredible joy and peace in His presence.

Now it was back to the mundane.  I wonder what was going through the minds of the disciples.  Peter said, “I am going fishing.”  He didn’t know what else to do; so he did what he knew best — fish.  Peter remained unresolved with his Lord.  It was difficult for him to deal with what he had done — denied His Lord three times.  I believe Peter felt that he had nothing else to offer Jesus.  He had failed Him and so he goes back to his former vocation.  I am sure he remained very conflicted inside of himself.  But to his surprise, Jesus broke into his life again.

After the disciples had been fishing all night, they heard a voice from the shore:  “Children, do you have any fish?” (v. 5).  When the disciples replied that they had caught nothing, the person on the shore said:  “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some” (v. 6a).  They did as they had been told, and you know the outcome:  “They were not able to haul it in because of the quantity of fish” (v. 6b).

Suddenly John remembered when Jesus called him to be His disciple (Luke 5:1-10).  It was a similar situation.  John turned to Peter and said, “It is the Lord!” (v. 7).  When Peter heard this, he jumped into the water and swam to the shore where Jesus was standing.  Peter was about to have another “mountain top” experience with his Lord.

Lord Jesus, I confess that too often I live my life in the mundane.  I long for rich spiritual experiences with You.  On occasion, I meet You on the “mountain top,” where I experience an incredible awareness of Your presence in my life.  I long for more of these times with You in intimate fellowship.


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