Scripture Reading:  Romans 5:1-5

“Through Him (Jesus Christ) we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”  (Romans 5:2)

Justification is a one time act of God’s grace in our lives.  It is different from sanctification which is an ongoing process.  Paul is telling us that because we have been justified by faith in Jesus Christ, we now have access to the very throne of God.  This particular Greek word, which is translated “access” in our text, is found only three times in the New Testament — once here and twice in Ephesians (2:18; 3:12).  The word is used to describe a person who is being presented at a royal court.  In our country, we see something of this when foreign dignitaries are introduced to the President at a formal welcoming ceremony.

Do you see the meaning here?  The Lord Jesus Christ introduces us to God.  It is through Him alone that we obtain access to God.  Jesus Christ is our Mediator and our Advocate.  He presents us before God as those whom He redeemed from their sins.

We are introduced by Jesus Christ “into this grace in which we stand.”  We are invited to partake of God’s grace.  God has become our Father and He delights in us.  Yes, He loves us and is willing and ready to bless us.  We have been introduced into this grace.  God is now our Father and all of HIs glory and of His grace are at our disposal.

And we are standing secure in this grace.  We are established in it by God Himself.  We can never lose our standing because God will not allow us to do so.  This means we have eternal security.  There is no falling from this grace because once we have been justified, God will never let us go!

What could be more wonderful than this?  We have access by faith into this grace in which we stand!  We are secure for all eternity and we have immediate access to our heavenly Father.

Lord Jesus, thank You for making access to the Father possible for me.  Thank You that You introduced me into this grace and I am standing firm in it.  What peace and joy it gives me to know that I have unlimited access to my Father in heaven because You earned that privilege for me.


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