Scripture Reading: Mark 5:21-43

“Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (Mark 5:31)

In my years of ministry, I have walked alongside several parents who lost young children. I can think of no greater pain than this. Our text today is about a father who was deeply afraid because his young daughter was dying. Jarius, the father, was a highly respected ruler of the synagogue. In the eyes of the world, he was a highly successful man. But he was overwhelmed with fear because of his daughter’s condition. He could not imagine losing her.

Word came that Jarius’ daughter had died. But Jesus looked at him and said — “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Regardless of how bad things are, the cure for fear is faith. Jarius believed; he trusted Jesus and Jesus brought the dead child back to life again — “He took her by the hand and said to her, ‘Little girl, I say to you, get up!’ Immediately the child stood up and walked around (she was twelve years old)” (vs. 41,42).

Sometimes Jesus grants temporary healing as in the case of Jarius’ daughter. At other times he permanently heals by bringing our loved ones to heaven with Him. Whatever the case, we are called to “just believe.” When we face times of great fear, remember the words of our Savior, “Don’t be afraid; just believe!”

Lord Jesus, I know that you are with me always. When I become afraid, let me just believe. You are the sole object of my faith. Let me always keep my eyes on you and trust You for whatever comes my way.


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